Plan Me Up
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Plan Me Up is a Boulogne Billancourt-France-based operator of a web and mobile app that allows users to plan recreation and entertainment activities.


Marine Tranquard

Growth Hacking mindset- Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written- Strong research and strategic analysis skills.- Solid understanding of Microsoft products (on-premise and public cloud solutions)- Real-world experience helping Hosting Service Provider decision makers architect their Offerings and execute go-to-market campaigns- Able to sell and project, manage complex business solutions for Hosting Service Providers - Project Management : plan and manage projects, manage the risks involved, calculate budgets, cost, manage time and teams working on ongoing projects.

Maxime Lamure

Maxim has a successful track record of building distributed systems and reliable, fault tolerant software with strong experience with designing and building REST API. He has an excellent coding skills in Go (Golang), C# and JavaScript. He is highly proficient in both Linux and Windows environment. He is an architect and Full stack developer on the PlanMeUp platform (database, back-end/front-end, APIs and mobile apps) rewarded by several French scientific organizations (OSEO, Scientip├┤le, research ministry). People leadership: Both as Project lead and manager. Build and managed teams up to 12 people from scratch with entrepreneurial spirit.