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Flatastic is the best way to inform everyone about what is needed at home. Nothing will be forgotten and no one stands in front of the shelves because of not knowing what to buy.


Clemens Bachamir

Clemens was honored for his Master's degree in Theoretical Physics (TU Berlin). He loves neat user experiences. Already in high school he was interested in technology and built automated robots. As team leader he won the international robotics competition 'Roboking' in 2008. He built and managed the e-commerce store: www.makeup-onlineshop.de.

Malik El Bay

Malik holds a Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Sciences from ETH Zurich. He loves fair deals and good old negotiations. With Clemens and Moritz he built yeppt.com and joined Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator in Berlin. In 2015 they had to burry yeppt.com because of missing traction. In 2013 he was President of the Entrepreneur Club a ETH.