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Stashd is an mobile app that acts as your own personal fashion wardrobe. It helps track the latest fashion trends and purchase them where ever you go. 


Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson (23) grew up on a small farm starting her first company at 16, then going on to study Business and Events Management at University. Jessica soon dropped out of University after a careers advisor told her she 'didn't have it in her' to land an internship in fashion. Now, Jessica works throughout Australia, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, which was the inspiration to launch her online shopping app Stashd. Stashd now has users in 86 countries, has been featured as Apples Best New App in 11 countries and Jessica as the founder has been pinned by Forbes as an Under 30 entrepreneur with the potential to change the world in the next 50 years, as a result Jessica was the youngest Australian women in history to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit.