Blackbox Connect #19 (August 14th-25th)

Cherpa is an educational platform that offers multiple robotics projects which users choose from according to their interest. The platform helps the user build a physical circuit, and code it through virtual assistance. After this is completed, the user enters a virtual world which interacts with the physical circuit in front of them. From controlling Mars rovers to building robots that are used to perform surgery, users complete missions in order to move to the next level and learn more!


Basel Jalaleddine

Basel Jalaleddine started tinkering with electronics in high-school. He studied Computer Engineering and co-founded the robotics club at his university, where he started developing and organizing robotics workshops for university and high-school students. Jalaleddine then worked at three different startups (one of which was a hardware startup).

Ibrahim Ezzeddine

Ibrahim Ezzeddine is a mechanical engineer, the founder of the Robotics Club at the Lebanese American University (LAU), and has been a robotics instructor for the past 4 years.