Numida Technologies
Blackbox Connect #17 (Fall, November 7th-18th)

Numida Technologies is a fintech company working to unlock financing for the 22 million African small businesses that need it. TrackApp, their simple record-keeping mobile app, allows businesses to build financial track records that enable them to make better business decisions and prove their creditworthiness to potential lenders.


Catherine Denis

Catherine is a Harvard graduate who has experience in agribusiness, leadership development and education in West & East Africa, and Latin America. Prior to co-founding Numida, she worked with the World Bank in Haiti and was the COO of EarthEnable, a Rwandan start-up bringing healthy flooring solutions to the poor.

Mina Shahid

Mina has worked in Zambia, Uganda, Ghana and Colombia to improve opportunities for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses. Prior to Numida, he co-founded a small agribusiness investment fund in Ghana that ultimately failed due to the problem that Numida is solving – a lack of good data about prospective borrowers.