Blackbox Connect #17 (Fall, November 7th-18th)

Liveguage proves the ROI of your real world marketing programs by measuring the impressions, engagements, and sentiment of your live event, experientials, OOH, and sponsorship activations. They do this automatically and objectively, with no app or opt-in required.


Nathaniel Bagnell

Prior to co-founding LiveGauge, Nathaniel worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Microsoft, Netflix, TuneIn Radio, etc. on consumer-facing marketing initiatives. Identifying a gap in objective and consistent analytics for real-world marketing that digital marketing essentially is shaped around, LiveGauge was created.

Sam Seo

Sam is a specialist in web/mobile development, online marketing, software engineering and cloud computing. An entrepreneur since age 12, Sam has run profitable web hosting and drop-shipping companies, facilitating customer orders with manufacturers. He has also built up a successful Toronto-based digital agency.