Baskalet Game studio
Blackbox Connect #17 (Fall, November 7th-18th)

Baskalet Games is a mobile gaming studio that creates high quality games for Arabic speakers in the MENA region. They enhance the games by using items from the local culture, as well as user daily behavior, to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.


Mohamed Al Madhoun

Mohamed Almadhoun is co-founder and the CEO at Baskalet. He is an expert in animation production and web development who quitted his job to start Baskalet with a friend. Baskalet is now one of the most successful startups in Palestine.

Osayd Madi

Osayd Madi is co-founder and CTO at Baskalet. He is an expert of game development and game design, 3D computer graphics, and works as a freelancer game developer. Osayd founded Baskalet with Mohamed Almadhoun in 2015.