Vision in Motion
Blackbox Connect #16 (Summer, August 15-26)

Vision in Motion is an innovative software-based platform that allows businesses to monitor their customers within shops, showrooms, malls, and other physical venues. Powered by image processing and computer vision softwares, the platform uses security cameras to know where customers are going, spending their time, and, most importantly, looking.


Amer Mouawad

Amer is the co-founder of Vision in motion. In the past, he co-founded Zombiesoft, a startup that develops tools for 3D printing, which he then sold in 2015. He has a PhD in Computer Science. 

Samy El Khoury

Samy is a recent high school graduate who is very passionate about entrepreneurship and engineering. He created a search and rescue drone that was awarded two international gold medals. In 2015, Samy was the “Young Inventor of the Year”, and in 2016, he decided to launch his own startup, Vision in Motion.