Blackbox Connect #16 (Summer, August 15-26)

Synkers is a platform that connects students seeking help in a specific course to private tutors. Parents, high school students, and university students will be able to find and book a qualified tutor on the spot. Most tutors are current university students who previously aced the course and have been thoroughly interviewed by the Synkers team.


Adam Ghani

Adam Ghani holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and is passionate about crafting software. He has worked as a Software Developer in the Telecom industry for three years; this led him to obtain knowledge and experience in developing and maintaining highly scalable software. Adam is leading the technical development of the Synkers platform.

Audrey Nakad

Audrey is a finance graduate of Concordia University. She has more than six years of experience in tutoring. In the last three years, she was part of a rotational leadership program at Sun Life Financial where she developed her leadership and strategy skills. She now handles the strategy and business operations of Synkers.