Blackbox Connect #15 (Spring, May 9-20)
United States

BioMetrix is an insight driven training and rehabilitation solution which utilizes a patented skin-adhered wearable device to quantify rehabilitation progress, assess injury risk, and provide real-time feedback to reduce player injury on the field. In other words, BioMetrix is an easy-to-use solution which keeps teams healthier longer.


Gabby Levac

Gabrielle Levac, Founder and COO, was a NCAA team two All American in Track and Field prior to sustaining two serious injuries and two major subsequent surgeries which ended her career. Her educational and professional experience in data science and project management (apps) which makes her an asset to the team.

Ivonna Dumanyan

Ivonna Dumanyan, Founder and CEO, is a former Duke Varsity athlete and mechanical engineer. She is one of the 2015 Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs, one of Kairos Societies 50 young entrepreneurs to watch of 2015, and was selected for the 2015 Thiel Fellowship Summit as a result of her work with BioMetrix.