Blackbox Connect #15 (Spring, May 9-20)

Codarica familiarizes young children with the foundations of computer science through gaming and storytelling. With two apps on the market and half a million downloads, Codarica is starting to become a known brand for fun and educational STEM-oriented products. The company aims to get children interested in technology early on, both in school and at home. 


Lovisa Levin

At Codarica Lovisa oversees all global marketing campaigns, business development and public relations areas. Lovisa holds a bachelor in Marketing and Design Management. The best thing about Codarica, according to Lovisa, is that you get to be creative in finding new solutions to how to teach kids 21st century skills.

Sanna Nilsson

Sanna started Codarica while studying a data-driven marketing program in Stockholm, Sweden. Her previous experiences are within PR, business administration, and e-commerce, and have also started up several of her own entrepreneurial projects before becoming the CEO of Codarica.