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Asad Memon

Asad Memon is a Developer mainly interested in Web, Game Development, Hardware Design, Machine Learning and pretty much anything cool. Asad is a Software Developer by day and Game Developer and Hardware Tinkerer by night. Asads main skills include JavaScript (both front-end and backend), C++, HTML5, Neural Networks, .NET, Microcontrollers, WindowsPhone and most of web technologies.

Muhammad Munir

Munir Usman builds great products that make the world a more connected place. For the past five years, Munir has done so through Pi Labs, Inc where he is Co-Founder and CEO and where among other changemaking starups, was born. He was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for five consecutive years.In addition to a BS in Computer Science, EElectricalEngineering, Telecommunication, Munir also holds a degree in Entrepreneurship from Draper University.