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Proonto is an online marketplace that enables businesses to hire subject matter experts for sales & customer service via chat, email and phone.


Tamir Eden

Tamir completed a B.Sc in Electronics Engineering focusing on the Signal and Image Processing field. He developed a patent pending final project named "Intensive Monitoring". He worked for 3 years as a SW developer and pre-sale engineer at SterGen before co-founding Proonto.

Yoel Feldman

Yoel Feldman is the co-founder of, an online marketplace that brings together remote sales specialist and online retail stores. Yoel has over 10 years of hands-on experience in global businesses development, sales leadership, digital communication, internet marketing and customer experience. Yoel served in the army as a commanding instructor and a spokesperson for the military police. He holds a BA degree in interactive media from IDC Hertzlia, he has lived in Paris for 2 years and share a remarkable passion for flattening the world.