Mi Media Manzana

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Me Media Manzana is Latin America's first online dating website based on a compatibility matchmaking algorithm.


Cesar Hoshi

Cesar is a 23 year old Business Administration professional with 4 years of experience in startups and technology companies. Cesar has managed a budget of over $500K in Online Marketing. Cesar was one of twenty students selected by Google for the first program of Google Student Ambassadors Latin America in 2012, and is an AdWords and Google Analytics certified member.

Pedro Neira

Pedro is a serial Internet Entrepreneur, Startup Manager and has an MBA. Pedro is experienced in fundraising and business development for early stage Internet Startups. Pedro's been the CEO of 4 different online ventures since age 27; some failed quickly, others went well reaching profitability and yearly sales over several US$ millions. Pedro is clearly passionate about entrepreneurship and is also an eager student of LeanStartUp management and holds a role as a Digital Marketing University Professor.