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Hubbr's chat for Trello provides each Trello board with a chat so members can communicate real-time.


Bo Jorgensen

Hubbr CPO and co-founder Dr. Bo Jorgensen has a background in business improvement and process innovation. Collaborative planning processes is a subject of special interest to him. In his previous career Bo worked in university research before dedicating himself fully to designing and implemented tools and processes for global application in large corporations. With Hubbr Bo pursues the goal of removing barriers for efficient collaboration and coordination between individuals and teams.

Pau Larsen

Hubbr CEO and co-founder Pau Larsen is passionate about simplifying online collaboration across multiple platforms. In 2007 Pau founded the successful IT development company SprintForce where distance collaboration reached new productivity levels due to a homegrown platform that integrated messaging and task management. With Hubbr Pau pursues his ambition of revolutionising work life through Hypermessaging that automatically connects multiple systems and services so the user becomes more productive and can focus on the essential.