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Cialfo democratize the college application process. They offer college admission consulting services to help students gain admission into their best-fit university.


Rohan Pasari

Rohan started Cialfo with the belief that students' focus on grades needed to shift towards "learning to learn". Rohan is a double Gold Medalist from NTU with a background in Engineering, Economics and Entrepreneurship. Rohan now manages the technological developments within Cialfo to ensure more students around the world can have access to their solutions.

Stanley Chia Dingli

Stanley Chia is the Co-founder of Cialfo and Managing Director of Envisage Education Pte Ltd. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, with Second Upper Class Honours in the Bachelor in Accountancy and Minor in Entrepreneurship. It was in the university where he found it necessary to take a sabbatical to start up Envisage when he was made aware of the growing apathy youths have toward prevalent social problems.