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1Sheeld turns your SmartPhone into a re-configurable Arduino shield.


Amr Saleh

Amr Saleh - Cofounder & CEO of Integreight. Amr is a young passionate entrepreneur, he has a B.Sc. in electronics and communications engineering from Helwan University. Amr participated in a lot of activities, he is a member of the IET Egypt board committee. He also won the IET PATW global competition in the UK, November 2012.

Islam Mustafa

Islam Mustafa - Cofounder & CTO of Integreight, Islam has a B.Sc. in computer engineering from Helwan University. Islam and his graduation project team won a lot of competitions in Egypt, Sweden, France, and England, an Egyptian company that produce innovative products in the electronics education sector. Islam’s main expertise are in developing embedded systems and controlling them using either web, mobile or desktop applications.