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ZenDay app, the GPS for your time in 3D, is a personal time management platform on Android that syncs with all your calendars, Google Tasks and Evernote.


Philippe Lebeau

Co-founder of Mobisystème. He brings nearly 25 years of experience in designing marketing campaigns with impact. Philippe combined his penchant for outdoor sports and entrepreneurial spirit to create Aerocom, an advertising agency for the best suppliers of mountaineering and outdoor sports gear in Europe. He also managed the adoption of Annecy on the shortlist of cities to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Richard Phan

Co-founder of Mobisystème. Richard Phan was Program Director at Palm, where he lead worldwide 3G smartphone R&D programs. Prior to this, Richard spent 7 years in Silicon Valley, working for HP and Handspring in R&D, manufacturing, and operations. Richard holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and has a very rich multicultural background.