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 BenchBanking is a platform that allows its customers to quote, compare, and hire their loans in one place. 


Matías Fontecilla

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer in BenchBanking leading every aspect of sales, account management and user experience. At age 18, he created a marketplace for exotic animal exchange between zoos. He studied Business, then worked in Chilean Central Bank, The Nielsen Company and FASA before returning to his entrepreneurial roots by founding a Marketing and Strategy Consulting firm.

Ricardo Dorado

Co-founder of Benchbanking. Executive with a strong track record of international business leadership in telecom-internet-media and retail companies. CXOs contact across them in Latin America and Europe. More than 10 years of experience building and leading cross-functional teams in product marketing & management, business development, sales and technology, in both, start-up and corporate companies.