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South Africa

MyDoorHandle is a convenient digital address book, that allows you to store street addresses, both personal and businesses.


Dylan Kohlst├Ądt

Dylan Kohlst├Ądt is a subject-matter expert on digital marketing, whose articles are regularly featured in entrepreneur and business magazines, TV and radio. She has an IMM Marketing Diploma and an MBA, and has over 20 years online marketing experience. In 2011 Dylan went on to establish a successful digital marketing agency, Shift ONE, that provides marketing services for entrepreneurs in Cape Town, South Africa.

Steven Ellis

Steven is a web and back-end developer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has over 12 years' experience in business-application development for the web and mobile. He is an Honours graduate from the University of Cape Town, and has worked in London prior to settling in Cape Town. Steven's interests include music, films and travelling. MyDoorHandle is Steven's third startup venture.