Blackbox Connect Summer 2014

Selected Startups

15 startups from around the world, will join the Summer 2014 (July 14-25) program:


8th class, July 2014 (26 participants)

Abdo Assem Egypt


An Egyptian Technology Enthusiast and a Cloud advocatem, Abdo started off in the NGO sector in both Egypt and France, moving to Technology in oil-rich Saudi Arabia, then to the regional services team in a global tech giant. Abdo is an active member of civil society, providing free consultation for university startups, and social ventures. Abdo is an AIESEC alumnus and a member of the -World Economic Forum- Global Shapers network.

Sherif Nafie Egypt


Sherif is a young regional operations and supply chain manager with 7 years under his belt in in the Telecom Sector. Sherif has acted as one of the youngest regional heads, & worked in multiple countries in the Middle East in a variety of positions; including performance management , Distribution & Line management. Sherif is an active member of the civil society and an AIESEC alumnus.

Vaibhav Gupta India/Singapore


An advertising technologist and a trailblazer, Vaibhav, along with his team, is building Bidstalk. Earlier Vaibhav was CTO of the India Operations at Airpush where he redefined mobile advertising with innovative technological practices and business strategy. Vaibhav has set afloat various innovative products with Golive Mobile,, AOL, Cerner and Gete, an e-comm startup. Vaibhav is a knowledge specialist in mobile advertising, real-time bidding, display advertising, and business modelling & analytics.

Domas Sabockis Lithuania


Born in Tauragė, Lithuania, Domas moved to Vilnius to study Advertising. After his studies, Domas worked for two years at a BTL advertising agency as a Creative, where he got the idea for Dragdis. Domas has a curious mind and is extremely passionate about new technologies, user experience, aesthetic design and marketing.

Rohan Pasari India/Singapore


Rohan started Cialfo with the belief that students' focus on grades needed to shift towards "learning to learn". Rohan is a double Gold Medalist from NTU with a background in Engineering, Economics and Entrepreneurship. Rohan now manages the technological developments within Cialfo to ensure more students around the world can have access to their solutions.

Stanley Chia Dingli Singapore


As the HOD of Fun in Cialfo, Stanley ensures that the team enjoys fulfilling the college dreams of students. Stanley graduated from Nanyang Technological University with concentrations in Accounting and Entrepreneurship. He has served on the committee of Our Singapore Conversations, where he worked closely with Ministers to facilitate dialogues between the government and people. In his free time he likes serving in church.

Gaston Irigoyen Argentina/Ireland


Gaston Irigoyen is Co-Founder & CEO of Guidecentral, a mobile platform that helps Makers earn revenue by sharing their DIY projects. Gaston previously worked at Google as Agency Relationships Manager for Latin America and YouTube Partnerships Manager for Europe. Gaston also developed two successful mobile apps, one of which he sold to KIA Motors. Gaston holds a BA in International Relations and has been featured in Forbes’ 35 Under 35 list.

Israel San Jose Spain/Ireland


Israel San Jose is Co-Founder & CTO of Guidecentral, a mobile platform that helps Makers earn revenue by sharing their DIY projects. Israel previously worked as Head of Mobile Development at COTESA and as Project Manager at the United States Department of Energy. Israel won the Solar Decathlon Europe Award for the development of an energy efficient home and has been published several times for his work on a computerised helmet for handicapped people. Israel holds a BS in Computer Science and an MsC in Home Automation.

Pau Larsen Denmark


Hubbr CEO and co-founder Pau Larsen is passionate about simplifying online collaboration across multiple platforms. In 2007 Pau founded the successful IT development company SprintForce where distance collaboration reached new productivity levels due to a homegrown platform that integrated messaging and task management. With Hubbr Pau pursues his ambition of revolutionising work life through Hypermessaging that automatically connects multiple systems and services so the user becomes more productive and can focus on the essential.

Bo Jorgensen Finland/Denmark


Hubbr CPO and co-founder Dr. Bo Jorgensen has a background in business improvement and process innovation. Collaborative planning processes is a subject of special interest to him. In his previous career Bo worked in university research before dedicating himself fully to designing and implemented tools and processes for global application in large corporations. With Hubbr Bo pursues the goal of removing barriers for efficient collaboration and coordination between individuals and teams.

Pedro Neira Peru

Mi Media Manzana

Pedro is a serial Internet Entrepreneur, Startup Manager and has an MBA. Pedro is experienced in fundraising and business development for early stage Internet Startups. Pedro's been the CEO of 4 different online ventures since age 27; some failed quickly, others went well reaching profitability and yearly sales over several US$ millions. Pedro is clearly passionate about entrepreneurship and is also an eager student of LeanStartUp management and holds a role as a Digital Marketing University Professor.

César Hoshi Peru

Mi Media Manzana

Cesar is a 23 year old Business Administration professional with 4 years of experience in startups and technology companies. Cesar has managed a budget of over $500K in Online Marketing. Cesar was one of twenty students selected by Google for the first program of Google Student Ambassadors Latin America in 2012, and is an AdWords and Google Analytics certified member.

Marina Detienne France

My Precious Life

Cofounder and CEO of My Precious Life, Marina has lived in London, Yeu island, New York and Paris. She holds an MBA in Business Administration & Marketing and is an active blogger. Prior to My Precious Life, Marina worked for various companies in the entertainment industry, including Universal Music.

Sarunas Legeckas Lithuania

Place I Live

Sarunas Legeckas is an active citizen and entrepreneur with an educational background in Physics, which was followed by an MBA in Innovation and Enterprise Management (Newcastle University). Prior to Place I Live, Sarunas has worked across different companies (Barclays Bank, Project Management Institute), always linked to international business development and digital projects.

Florent Schlaeppi Switzerland


Co-founder and CEO of Novertur, Florent founded his first business at the age of 19. After several years working at eBay, he founded Novertur. He has a singular background with a BSc in automotive engineering, a BSc in Management from HEC Lausanne, and an MSc in International Business from University of Neuchâtel.

Luca Salzano Switzerland


Marketer and new media enthusiast, Luca is the co-founder and CMO of Novertur. After brief experiences in marketing and public management, Luca rapidly embraced entrepreneurship to create Novertur. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Lausanne and an MSc in International Business from University of Neuchâtel.

Ernesto Olivo Valverde Venezuela


Ernesto Olivo has a BS Computing Sciences (Universidad Central de Venezuela) and a Master’s Degree in Digital Media Studies (University of Denver). With more than 12 years of experience working for companies such as Accenture, Neoris and Lowe & Partners, Ernesto is currently CEO of Predictvia, where he leverages his experience in product development, team management and business development.

Kelwin Fernandez Venezuela


Kelwin Fernandez received his BSc in Computer Engineering in 2012 from Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela with the Summa Cum Laude distinction. Kelwin is the Artificial Intelligence Leader of Predictvia and a Researcher at INESC TEC in Porto, Portugal. His current research focuses on Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Video games.

Dr. David Urbansky Germany


Dr. David Urbansky is the CEO of SEMFOX and wrote his PhD about information extraction and analysis which was best rated. David is responsible for developing the main processes of the semantic search engine, the analysis of natural language and the transformation process of the results to the SEMFOX ontology.

Simon Schabel Germany


Simon Schabel finished the university with a top-rated diploma thesis. His expertise in web development allows him to program the backend of the SEMFOX search engine, and Simon also defines the SEMFOX product ontology. Additionally, Simon has been CMO since SEMFOX was founded in 2014.

Christian Mladenov Bulgaria


Christian has more than 8 years experience in data analysis, project management and software development. Christian has worked for HP, Agilent Technologies and UBS, among others and has always received high acclaim. Christian holds a cum laude CEMS Master in International Management from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Todd Kazakov Bulgaria


Todd has a strong quantitative background and is interested in big data, data science, machine learning, algorithmic trading and sports analytics. At Amadeus, Todd was responsible for optimizing the faring and pricing algorithms. Todd graduated Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Muhammad Ahmed Khalid Pakistan


Ahmed is an engineer by education, a researcher with profound passion about cars. Ahmed focuses on overall organizational strategy, partnerships and operations while working behind the scenes coordinating and smoothing the path for the rest of the team to do amazing things along with innovating things at XGear.

Kamran Shahid Butt Pakistan


Kamran analyzes every bit and piece of code programmed at XGear with constant focus on improving the user experience for the end users. Kamran has been developing cutting edge web applications, and his passion to innovate has enabled him to create a custom framework to streamline the development processes.

Francisco Soto Chile


Cofounder and CEO of Xompass, Francisco is an entrepreneur and manager from a University Research Lab ( +27 researchers). Francisco has more than 10 years of experience as project, contract and product manager. With extensive global experience in business with US, EU and Asia partners, Francisco also holds a patent in mining equipment and wrote a book on Innovation&technology transfers.

Andres Ulloa Chile


Andres holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronics and is currently enrolled at UTFSM. Andres is passionate about technology and ever since high school has been learning and working on embedded systems and now PCB design and M2M communications.