Blackbox elevates entrepreneurs everywhere. Our entrepreneur-first approach is grounded in two fundamental beliefs: that entrepreneurs are the core engine for global economic growth, and that they need someone in their corner as they build the future. By helping talented startup founders emerge as stronger leaders, we empower Blackboxers to redefine what’s possible for themselves, their company, their community, and the world.

We serve startup founders from every corner of the globe. Our network of 350 Blackboxers spans more than 60 countries and six continents one relationship at a time. Alumni of Blackbox programs are defined by their willingness to champion and support fellow startup founders. Over 90 percent of startups founded by Blackboxers continue to grow and thrive, nine companies have exited, and the majority have come full-circle by taking on new leadership roles in their startup communities.

Through our flagship experience in Silicon Valley and tailored global programs with our community partners across 30+ countries, Blackboxers:

  • build relationships with successful entrepreneurs, experienced venture capitalists, and subject matter experts
  • access resources to fuel their global expansion
  • emerge as drivers of growth capable of transforming startup ecosystems into hubs of innovation.

Despite the tech-driven democratization of entrepreneurship, millions of entrepreneurs across the globe are still unable to realize their full potential because of institutional, cultural, and social barriers. The economic impact is enormous—the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI) estimates improving the conditions that support entrepreneurship by 10 percent could add $22 trillion to the global GDP each year. Driven by a strong commitment to equality of entrepreneurial opportunity, our not-for-profit work spans 60 countries. We believe a more equitable, prosperous future begins with increasing access to entrepreneurial resources: mentorship, capital, knowledge, and networks. Because the world’s most impactful innovations can originate anywhere, Blackbox ensures every entrepreneur has a shot at creating shared value for the global economy—whether they’re born in Cupertino or Cameroon.

What makes Blackbox different?

Blackbox is rethinking the traditional accelerator model. That model is largely focused on creating a pipeline for investors, an approach which makes existing economic hubs stronger, but doesn’t do enough to address inequality of entrepreneurial opportunity or to strengthen emerging startup ecosystems around the world. While connecting startup talent to venture capital is important in the short-term, an entrepreneur’s long-term success requires more. The Blackbox model is designed to be entrepreneur-first at every step, working to create a strong foundation under the founder which elevates their long-term potential, expands their worldview, exposes them to new opportunities, and connects them to their own greatness.


Blackbox Connect: Two week residential program in Silicon Valley.
Blackbox Ignite: Three day in-country program for emerging startup communities.

Speakers, Mentors, Advisors

Our network of expert speakers, mentors, and advisors sets us apart. From Silicon Valley veterans to rising global entrepreneurs, they add essential value to the Blackbox experience. By providing a window into the inner workings of the Valley, they serve as role models to Blackboxers seeking to take their businesses to the next level. After cultivating a relationship during our programs, many founders remain in contact with Blackbox speakers and mentors, who guide them on issues ranging from U.S. incorporation, establishing channels to foreign markets, hiring, product development, positioning, and more.
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Blackbox leverages value-aligned partnerships to expand our global reach and impact. With the support of leading organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs and our network of 56 nominating partners across the globe, we continue to make real progress towards our goal of transforming emerging startup communities into innovation hubs.
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