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“Everything has gone up to the next level.
It's your guys' work that makes this happen”
Ciara Clancy, Founder of Beats Medical
Blackbox Connect #11

Blackbox is a Silicon Valley accelerator focused on helping purpose driven entrepreneurs and founders of born global startups learn, collaborate, and grow toward their full potential. We provide access to resources, mentorship and effective programs. Learn more

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Blackbox provides networking, mentorship, legal insights and a home base. — BBC News
Blackbox partners with Google for Entrepreneurs to bring global entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley
Blackbox levels the playing field for female founders regardless of their location. — BBC News
  • “Blackbox Connect has changed the scope of my ambition and the speed of our development as a company, and of myself as founder.”
    Ruben Timmeran, Founder of Springest   (The Netherlands)
  • “The BlackBox team managed to turn two weeks into a unique experience of growth, development, support, friendship and potential partners in the comfort and atmosphere of not only a house, but a home.”
    Mika Kayt, Cofounder & CEO of Take&Make   (Israel)
  • “Blackbox is a great experience! For two weeks I've been in the heart of Silicon Valley's ecosystem, meeting and learning from lots of entrepreneurs and investors. It blew my mind and helped me think really big.”
    Agustin Badano, Co-founder of Empreware   (Argentina)
  • “People in the Valley gather experience which sums up in thousands of years of entrepreneurship and they are open to sharing it.”
    Girts Laudaks, Co-founder of Mykoob   (Latvia)

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