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“Everything has gone up to the next level.
It's your work that makes this happen.”
Ciara Clancy, Founder of Beats Medical
Blackbox Connect #11

Blackbox is a global nonprofit committed to promoting equality of entrepreneurial opportunity through access to resources, mentorship, and immersive programs in the heart of Silicon Valley and beyond. By helping talented startup founders emerge as stronger leaders, we empower Blackboxers to redefine what’s possible for themselves, their company, their community, and the world. Learn more

Blackbox Connect 21
February 26 - March 9, 2018

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Blackbox provides networking, mentorship, legal insights, and a home base. — BBC News
Blackbox partners with Google for Entrepreneurs to bring global entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley
Blackbox levels the playing field for female founders regardless of their location. — BBC News
  • “It was an absolutely life changing experience for me… I have an understanding now of the keys to building a successful startup, and I have the confidence and knowledge to create a global company.”
    Kasia Dorsey, Yosh   (Poland)
  • “If your startup ecosystem isn’t mature yet, Blackbox Connect is like traveling to the future.”
    Osayd Madi, Baskalet   (Gaza)
  • “The biggest revelation was that I was constraining myself by thinking too small. I find a lot of inspiration and courage by being exposed to approachable founders who have built successful ventures, and I should seek that out more.”
    Catherine Denis, Numida Technologies   (Uganda)
  • “Blackbox Connect has changed the scope of my ambition and the speed of our development as a company, and of myself as founder.”
    Ruben Timmeran, Springest   (The Netherlands)

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Adam Cheyer

David Drummond

Maha Ibrahim

David Hornik

Steve Chen

Ann Winblad

Pascal Finnete

Bill Maris